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Beans - Ground - Capsules

At Cafiniti, we freshly roast, package and sell award winning coffee the way you like it. #likeyourcoffee

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Cafiniti Coffee Quality

Ethically sourced, from producers around the world. We sell the highest quality coffee everyone.

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Cafiniti Subscriptions

Cafiniti subscriptions guarantee great coffee, on your own terms - delivered whenever and wherever you want!


Cafiniti Black Label

Exquisite coffee from the world's most revered coffee producers

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Which Cafiniti coffee is right for you? Try a Cafiniti Taster pack to find out.


It's easy to buy Cafiniti coffee. Make one-off purchases without creating an account.


Coffee delivered to your home or office, when you decide and on your own terms.

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Tune in to our weekly YouTube vlog including tutorials, news, interviews from the exciting world of coffee

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Cafiniti Classic really surprised me. I had reasonable expectations but the quality and the price are amazing.

Steven T

I prepare a travel mug of Cafiniti Premium before leaving home and drink it on the way to work.

Jane W

Cafiniti Luxe is my go to drink at the end of a great dinner party. It sits alongside my favourite champagne and gin.

Abigail G