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Cafiniti Coffee

Freshly roasted coffee, for discerning aficionados. Designed to be enjoyed at home and on the go.

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Cafiniti Black Label

Presenting the world's most desirable and exclusive selection of curated coffees. Roasted to order in the UK.

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Cafiniti coffee

Exquisite coffee is the result of exploration and discovery. Cafiniti is the epitome of these pursuits. The outcome is wonderful coffee, roasted in the UK.

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Cafiniti Classic is a genuine surprise. I had reasonable expectations, but the quality of the coffee is remarkable and seems to be consistent with each order.

Steven Townsend - London

I prepare a travel mug of Cafiniti Premium before leaving home and drink it on the commute to work. I use the coffee capsules in the office.

Magda Waldaka - Peterborough

Cafiniti Luxe is my go-to drink at the end of a fabulous dinner party. It sits alongside my favourite champagne and gin.

Abigail Galeki - Manchester

Curated coffee

Cafiniti Black Label

Coffee from the world's most revered coffee estates, precisely curated and impeccably presented for esteemed clients.

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Cafiniti TV

A discreet and tasteful commentary, from the sensational world of coffee production and consumption.

Cafiniti TV

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I believe that truly great coffee is the perfect accompaniment to the rhythm of life...

Craig Kinnersley - Cafiniti Founder

Craig, an introduction...

Cafiniti represents Craig's third act in business and a triumphant return to the beverage industry - spending the first third of his career with Red Bull, AB InBev and U'Luvka Vodka.

He subsequently built and sold a consumer loyalty company, before discovering coffee and identifying opportunities to disrupt the industry.

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Cafiniti Now

A delectable collection of three distinct coffees, available to buy immediately. Includes an option to subscribe.

Cafiniti Black Label

Handpicked and personally curated coffee. Complimenting specific taste profiles and menus. Packaged to surprise and delight.

Contacting Us

When discussing coffee, we encourage spoken communication. Our telephone number is +44 (0)20 7993 2842

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