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Our mission is to find the world's best coffee and bring it to you via our online store. Our approach is ethical, sustainable and innovative. 

Cafiniti Coffee Beans

Cafiniti Coffee

Our goal is to identify and sell the world's finest coffee, making it accessible to as many people as possible.

To achieve this, we strive to offer coffee that is at least two grades better than anyone else, at the same price point. Better quality, better value.

Coffee Origins 

We only work with farmers who follow sustainable agricultural practices that protect forests, rivers, soil and wildlife, while being good community neighbours.

In the UK, we roast and package all of our coffee products and deliver them to you, using the most environmentally friendly methods.

Our aim is to guarantee the quality of every cup you pour. We want to enable your enjoyment of coffee, with a clear conscience and quality guaranteed

Daring to be different

From Cafiniti TV to our award winning range of coffees and our ongoing environmental concerns, we aim to be different.

We strive to uphold the highest standards, as we fulfil the needs of our customers - in your home, or via your favourite coffee outlet. 

In return, we want you to talk to us. Inspire us, question us, have fun with us and most importantly... have a great tasting coffee with us!


Recyclable coffee capsules, new packaging methods and advanced roasting machines - some of the ways we are innovating how coffee can be prepared and consumed.

We are also investigating how new technology can influence where and when you drink your favourite coffee.

Coffee your way - buying from us

Would you like to buy coffee beans, coffee capsules or filter coffee?

How frequently would you like your coffee to be delivered, or maybe you want to make a one-off purchase. The Cafiniti website is designed to help you buy and enjoy coffee your way!   

If you run a coffee shop, restaurant, or maybe you want great coffee at your office, we can help you. Click below for wholesale options. 

wholesale options

Cafiniti is based in the UK and we distribute worldwide.